Havergal College

1451 Avenue Rd
Toronto, Ontario, M5N 2H9

Additional Information

Living Arrangements: Day/Boarding

Gender: All girls

Main Language: English

Grades: JK to 12

Tuition: $30,820 to $55,500

Average Class Size: 18

Principal's Message: Havergal College has a proud tradition of values stretching back over 120 years. Teaching and leading by example, our faculty and staff know how to help each student come to school eager to learn and excited by challenge. We believe in girls’ education and how it can develop the confidence and aspiration so much needed for the discovery of happiness.

People often talk of the “magic of Havergal” and the sense of community that connects the parents of its 900 students and flourishing Old Girls’ network. This is a school where everyone has a part to play and a place that is honoured.

Havergalians are women who have gone on to make a mark in the world – sometimes by doing extraordinary things but always by living Havergal’s values: pioneering in spirit, respectful of choice and encouraging of magnanimity.

Put simply: Discovering Havergal is discovering yourself! I extend a warm welcome to you and hope that you will come to visit us to experience the school in action.

Helen-Kay Davy,

Upcoming Events: Open House JK to Grade 6: Thursday, October 20
Open House Grade 7: Wednesday, October 19
Open House Grade 9: Tuesday, November 1

To register, visit: www.havergal.on.ca/openhouse

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