Clanmore Montessori School

2463 Lakeshore Rd E.
Oakville, Ontario, L6J 1M7

Additional Information

Living Arrangements: Day

Gender: Coed

Main Language: English

Grades: Preschool to 8

Tuition: $7,425- $17,850

Average Class Size: Varies

Principal's Message: Clanmore Montessori School sprang from a dream, a vision, a desire for a wonderful learning environment for children. In 1997 we opened our doors, and have since grown to a full spectrum Montessori school meeting the needs of children from toddler through to the middle school years. I am tremendously proud of our knowledgeable and wonderfully gifted teachers and the work that all the staff does to maintain Clanmore's highly personal and welcoming atmosphere. Over the years we have found that this unique atmosphere unites our families resulting in our whole community supporting the children as they grow to realize their potential. A potential which is astounding when it is left to freely develop.

Clanmore, which means big family in Gaelic, is a truly unique place. I welcome you to visit any time to see for yourself.Grace Kidney, Principal and Co-Owner

Testimonials: A Graduate's Perspective
I come back to visit Clanmore often. Every time I come back I have the feeling that I’m coming home. There is no sense of intrusion or outgrowth, which I have felt palpably on the three times I have returned to my high school campus since June. I don’t have to wear a “visitor” sticker or sign in at the front desk. All I have to do is walk in the front door, remove my outdoor shoes, and walk into the classroom. Immediately, I feel the Clanmore magic welcome me back. You see, that magic I just mentioned--it’s still there. The colours are still bright, the hugs are still warm and plentiful, and the energy is rich and vibrant. The magic is there, in the past, the present, in the future, transcending time. Occasionally, when I mention I’ve recently visited, someone asks me if everything feels very small. I know what they mean. The sense that your teachers really are only regular size fully human beings—or even small! The sense that the classroom is less bright, the chairs less inviting, the enormous tomes you thought you could never finish are shockingly thin. Yes. I know what they mean; but I have never experienced that at Clanmore, and I know the magic is responsible. This is not to say there haven’t been changes. Now, a feature of rainy-day recesses includes a disco dance party in the basement. I can indignantly say that I never got to do that! I never did Girls on the Run, had the chance to arrange flowers weekly, or do the AIM French program. The French program, actually, is a great example of how Clanmore has got it right. I live in Montreal. I took grade 12 and AP French in grade 11 at Appleby. It galls me to say it, but—those children speak with more fluency and confidence than I do. I, who spent 12 years in school learning French, who wrote essays and practiced tenses and memorized exceptions, am paralyzed when it comes to speaking French, because I’m afraid to get it wrong. Because I was tested and marked on my ability to speak. Because my fear of failure—a failure defined by some teacher who I didn’t even like—that fear inhibited my learning. And so now this AIM program which I never did, which exemplifies the Montessori ideals, has made Clanmore even better than it was when I attended. Please don’t misunderstand me, Clanmore was still way ahead of the game when it came to education, even without AIM. I have brought the restitution theory to all my places of work and learning. Everyone treats it as an inspired idea. My residence rules at McGill were based on mutual respect, which someone argued is not a word understood by 18 year olds. I replied that I had learned that concept when I was seven. I struggled through grade 10 algebra until my teacher took some extra time with me, and used a Montessori material from the casa classroom called the trinomial cube. I never got a question wrong, after that. I flew through grade 11 biology, studying plant and animal anatomy, as well as the five kingdoms. I barely had to study. I knew it already. I had learned at Clanmore. There is so much that I learned from Clanmore. It’s a magic place, with a community which you can’t find anywhere else. I’ve attended other highly thought-of academic institutions. It might impress those that care about names. Let me tell you—they’re not special. They’re just that—institutions. They aren’t the same. I’ll tell you why. The magic. The magic, is the love. The love of learning, the love of teaching, the love for each other. The commitment and passion which is drawn from that love. The dedication to the development of the whole child, Clanmore means “big family,” and who could ask for anything more? Mary Morris ...

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