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How international travel can help students excel

Spending time immersed in different cultures around the globe is an important part of the private-school experience. We spoke to three schools about their programs and how international travel helps students excel far beyond the classroom.

Which type of education should you pick?

Canada doesn’t have a homogenous private-school system—there are a bunch of different types of independent schools, all with different approaches to education. Here are the most common throughout the country for you to consider.

Why women in leadership roles matter

It’s key for girls and boys to see women in leadership roles. Period. Here’s how some female heads of school are making their mark, and why they believe it’s so important to be role models for their students.

Why getting students involved with STEM matters

It’s time for this very important acronym to be front and centre in the classroom. Find out what some private schools are doing to get their students engaged with STEM.

Boosting female leadership

Will the conversation about gender equality bring real change?

Outdoor education: The new classroom

Outdoor education is transforming learning for private schools.

Far-flung experiences enhance private education

Developing well-rounded young people ready to take on the world – it’s the goal at private schools across the country. International school trips are viewed as a key way to do just that.

How boarding schools help students grow into well rounded adults

Today's boarding schools don't just educate - they ready students for the real world

The positives of co-ed & single gender private schools

The positives of educating girls and boys together or separately.

How to best raise concerns with your child's teacher

Before you go marching into the classroom or the principal’s office,
think carefully. You will be much more likely to get the outcome you
want if you advocate for – rather than protect – your child.