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How the private school admissions process works

A school official explains getting into private school.

10 Types of private schools to consider

Ten kinds of private schools you'll find in Canada.

Switching from public school to private

We asked six independent school leaders to share common reasons students make the switch, what private schools offer that make it a positive decision, and the challenges they may face.

Students helping students: Par for the course at private schools

It’s mutually benefi cial – older students get a chance to build leadership skills and fulfill community obligations. Peer support is also an important way schools build a strong community.

Comparing Ontario private schools and public schools

Be clear about what you want before you enroll.

Waldorf - Engaging the head, hands and heart

Waldorf school curriculum engages the head, hands and heart.

Montessori - still relevant after more than 100 years

Unique educational method still relevant after more than 100 years.

Privately Speaking - your glossary

The education system, generally, and private and Independent schools. in particular, have their own jargon. Here we provide a glossary to help parents navigate this new language.

Smaller class sizes - The Turner family’s story

When twins Ellery and Ben were born, Karen and Phillip Turner wanted what all parents desire: for their kids to have the chance to reach their full potential.

What's so great about private schools?

Your child will be surrounded by many peers who are motivated to do well.