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Far-flung experiences enhance private education

Developing well-rounded young people ready to take on the world – it’s the goal at private schools across the country. International school trips are viewed as a key way to do just that.

Selecting a private school where your child will thrive

How do I ensure the school I choose is a great fit for my child?
Really good private schools focus their effort to provide outstanding educational and life experiences for each student. Be thorough discovering what this means at each school.

10 Types of private schools to consider

Ten kinds of private schools you'll find in Canada.

5 Questions to ask other parents when selecting a school

If you’re looking for more reassurance that you’re considering the right school, speak to the parents of current students.

16 Questions to ask at a private school open house

You’ve done your research and narrowed schools down to the ones you and your child want to explore further. Now, attend each school’s open house (sometimes called an admissions event).

The benefits of private day schools, boarding schools and dual program schools

Whether a private day or boarding school is right for your child(ren) depends on many things: where you live, your circumstances – and of course, your individual kid.

How boarding schools help students grow into well rounded adults

Today's boarding schools don't just educate - they ready students for the real world

What I liked about private school

Graduates from across the years reminisce

The positives of co-ed & single gender private schools

The positives of educating girls and boys together or separately.

The right path: One family's education journey

Private school wasn't always part of this family's plan.