5 Questions to ask other parents when selecting a school

01/31/2018 by

Talking to school staff, such as the head of school and admissions officer, is a must once you have shortlisted a school – as is attending the open house and visiting the school with your child on a regular school day. But if you’re looking for more reassurance that you’re considering the right school, speak to the parents of current students. At the same time, keep in mind that although personal anecdotes can be illuminating – often reinforcing an impression you already have of a school – remember they convey someone’s perception. Don’t make your decision based on one parent’s opinion.


Here are five questions to ask parents of kids who already attend the school:


1. Why did you choose this particular school for your child, and how long has your child attended?

2. What do you like best about the school/what do you like least?

3. Has your/your child’s experience with the school been what you imagined? How so?

4. Was your child part of the decision, and is he or she happy here?

5. Has there ever been a situation, challenge or complaint you brought to the attention of a teacher or the administrative staff (such as a bullying incident)? How do you feel about how it was handled?