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Waldorf - Engaging the head, hands and heart

Waldorf school curriculum engages the head, hands and heart.

Selecting a private school: It’s all about choosing the best fit for your child

How do I ensure the school I choose is a great fit for my child?
Really good private schools focus their effort to provide outstanding educational and life experiences for each student. Be thorough discovering what this means at each school.

Abundant Choice - Private schools come in different shapes and sizes

Private schools come in different shapes and sizes.

Montessori - still relevant after more than 100 years

Unique educational method still relevant after more than 100 years.

16 Questions to ask at the open house

You’ve done your research and narrowed schools down to the ones you and your child want to explore further. Now, attend each school’s open house (sometimes called an admissions event).

Financial considerations

With the plethora of funding options that exist from province to province and nationwide – such as savings and payment plans, tax breaks, scholarships and bursaries – it makes sense to consider your child’s academic possibilites.